Finished gown!

So, I finished the gown I was working on a few years ago, but I forgot my log on information so I never updated it on the site!

Here’s my fabric one last time.

Here’s one of the cut outs for the back of the gown. It had a cowl back to it.

I’m the one in the red, the beautiful woman in black is my gorgeous sister!

All in all, it turned out fairly well considering I was making it all up as I went!

Funemployment Tip #1: Don’t panic / Start a blog, because you have a lot of free time and your mother always says you should.

My hilarious Best Friend Lily has started a blog!

A Guide to Funemployment

It’s been almost a month since I quit my corporate cubicle job with nothing else lined up, with no plans or prospects. The initial jubilance and holy-shit-I’m-free feeling has mellowed in the past few weeks, and some of it has given way to holy-shit-what-about-money-how-do-I-feed-myself, but there is still no question that leaving was the best decision I could have made for myself (although I was JUST starting to master the Silent Desk Panic Attack and the Stealthy Office Bathroom Cry – important life skills!).

When I got the job I was 23, I had just moved to Raleigh and signed a lease with the Boyfriend, and I needed income. Through a staffing agency I got an interview for a position I almost immediately rejected – it had the word “sales” in the title. Shudder. I decided to go to the interview for practice, because surely I would not get hired…

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Drafting a Ballgown. Or something.


My first attempt at making a bodice! Using a basic block form, which I had never heard of until two weeks ago, I pinned up these scraps (cut from old sheets) together and then tried them on.



Not the world’s most flattering photo, but the fit was good enough for me to trust in the basic pattern. However, basic is never really my style…  I decided I wanted a dramatic cowl back, and made a new mock-up, with an unfinished skirt (much shorter than the final result will be) and repinned.


Here I am in one fourth of a bed sheet! I liked the back, figuring that in satin the drape would be much more fluid than my sheet, but found that with the new unstructured shape of the cowl back, the front of the bodice was a bit wonky.


I’m pretty sure wonky is a technical term. Somewhere.

The next step was to re-pin, re-sew, and re-try!



First Post

November 17, 2014

This is my first entry, and I have no idea what to say. Classes are going well in theory, but less well in terms of actual grades. Sometimes understanding a subject does not an A make!

I’m making a gown for a holiday ball I will be attending, and it is a black tie affair, so I must abide with scrutiny! I made my gown three years ago, but the material had such a beautiful drape that it practically made itself!

The ball is in less than one month now, and as a first-time bias satin gown-maker, I have many extra steps to do before I begin to even think about cutting my gorgeous fabric:

I am getting closer and closer to a final drafting pattern for my ballgown; the material arrived two days ago, and I am in love! It is a red crepe-back satin you can see above. I’m unsure about the bodice, but as for the skirt, I am drawing inspiration from an old image I found on leporedinah’s picasaweb page (

Gorgeous bias trumpet skirt
Gorgeous bias trumpet skirt

Well, that’s all for now! Have lovely days until next time!

Self-taught doer